Problem Solved!

Way back when the world wide web was more like the wild west I stumbled upon the problem that would face businesses forever more.  All my clients were worried about the design.  They fretted over the little details.  They were worried they couldn’t use the font they wanted to use.  Some were horrified that all monitors didn’t render colors exactly the same.  But none of these things were the real problem.

The real problem is content.  Or, more succinctly, regular fresh content.  Once your site is up and running, then what?  In the “old days”, it didn’t matter much.  But new search engine algorithms give more credit to sites with relevant up-to-date content.  Again, it used to be a challenge to keep your site fresh.  It used to be expensive.  It used to be hard.

Not any more.  With the right platform, it’s easy to keep your site up-to-date.  It’s easy to be keep it fresh.  It’s easy to make your site relevant to your customers.  With Protospace your problem is solved.