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New Product from Protospace

Protospace is pleased to announce a new product available:  WordPress backup.  Back up your site using Amazon’s EC3 cloud storage inexpensively.  Sleep better knowing your site can be restored quickly and easily.  More information! Backup my Site!

What Exactly Is…?

I recently had a few questions about some terms used in the WordPress/Blogging/Web site world.  That prompted me to start a new feature on – the glossary.  As people ask questions, or things come up, I’ll post a definition

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Which one is for me?

Wordpress? Drupal? Joomla? Moveable Type? Cousin Vinnie’s CMS Special? Intuit’s $4.99 Special? Which platform should you use for your web site?  Does it matter?  Each solution has strengths and weaknesses.  Each one can impact how you use your site and

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