How to Get jqModal and jQuery 1.4 Play Nice – Part I

I love jqModal for adding cool AJAX effects.á It’s light, flexible and does a TON of cool modal lifting.

Except it didn’t play nice with jQuery 1.4.x.á It would break.á It drove me nuts.á I’m OK at jQuery and Javascript, so it wasn’t quickly obvious how to fix it.

Thanks to Oleg responding to a sort of related post at StackOverflow I now, too,á have the answer!
Oleg said:

If you use jQuery 1.4.x you should verify whether the jqModal.js contain $() (for example {$()[t]("keypress",m)[t]("keydown",m)[t]("mousedown",m);} in jqModal.js). This can not be used together with jQuery 1.4.x. To fix the problem replace $() to $(document).

Fortunately, the change was simple. One location in the jqModal file and you’re good to go. I’ve made the change and provide the file to you for download.

Full jqModal documentation available at the jqModal site.

jqModal is copyright 2007, 2008 by Brice Burgess under both MIT and GPL licenses.á A hearty thanks to Brice for writing such an awesome jQuery add-on.

[download id=”1″ format=”1″]

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